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Build Resilience,
Unlock Longevity

Unlock your peak potential so you can do the activities you love for a lifetime.

About Us

What We Do

At Human Plus Physical Therapy we help athletes & active individuals reach their next level of performance. Whether it’s rehabilitating from injury, building strength, or improving mobility, our hands-on manual therapy and personalized exercises will get you to your fitness goals. 

We are here to decrease pain

What Our Clients Say

Peter M. 
Outdoor Enthusiast

Tim took the time to show me multiple progressions of a total body stretch routine and took videos so I could watch myself and improve even faster.

Andrew C.
Avid Golfer

Purpose driven and specificity that builds confidence. Hands down, Human Plus Physical Therapy offers the highest quality service you can find!

Happy Woman
Rosa M.
Recreational Runner

Tim has been amazing to work with since the beginning, he’s friendly works with your schedule, cares about your recovery, is willing to listen, and communicates effortlessly.

I went to Human Plus with an injury and within a few days of treatment, training and recovery resources, I feel a lot more confident and healthier than when I came in.
Chris Odom
NFL Defensive End

The Human Plus Approach

Upper Back Massage
Immediate Pain Relief

100% of our clients experience significant pain relief on the first visit. Our full body musculoskeletal assessment allows us to accurately diagnose and immediately treat the root cause of your pain.

Transform Your Body

The body is a complex, interconnected system, where seemingly unrelated parts can influence each other. We work with you to create a personalized full body plan built to make you more resilient, durable, and resistant to pain and injury.

Empowered 2.jpg
Achieve Longevity

Life moves fast and your body shouldn’t slow you down. Our treatment plan helps you develop habits that will bulletproof your body and protect it from breaking down in the future.

Athletes Who Understand Athletes

We are athletes first and foremost, playing sports from our childhood through college and still to this day. Our passion for competing and elevating our games drove us to study the human body so that we could help other athletes reach their peak potential. Let us help eliminate your pain, improve your performance, and get you back on the field so you can be the best version of yourself!

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Physical Therapist

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