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Ergonomics is defined

An ergonomic friendly office environment has proven results in:
- Decreased Lost Time and Injury Rates
- Decreased Employee Turnover
- Minimized Workers Compensation Costs
- Increased Office Productivity

as the science of designing workplaces, products, and systems to be safe and efficient for the person using them.


Not every employee or person is the same, nor should their chairs and desk set-ups.

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We've created a solution based system that provides methods for long term relief. The Ergonomic Positioning System (EPS) prioritizes the employee first, then by understanding the requirements of their tasks, methods are designed to create their most productive environment and protection from chronic aches and pains in the workplace.

What Equipment do you need?

Part of creating a safe environment is having the right ergonomic products for your office. We created a series of guides for recommended products on the market.

Desk Support     -     Ergonomic Chairs     -     Back Health     -     Standing Desks
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Founded to promote safer work practices in the office

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