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Solve Your Back Pain

Get pain free, build resilience, and confidently return to the activities you love doing for a lifetime!

Physical Therapist

Herniated Disc, Sciatica, pain with bending forward, now what?

At Human Plus PT we specialize in back pain, the most common injury for athletes and those who live an active lifestyle. As Doctors of Physical Therapy we can diagnose your back pain with our proven full body assessment. Then based on our findings we will use a combination of hands-on therapy and movement based exercises to decrease pain, improve mobility, and prepare you for your return to sport. 

Our Formula For Back Pain

Back Massage

Address The Root Cause of Your Pain

We begin with a low back assessment that identifies the severity of your case. We then perform a full body screen to find the root cause of your pain so that our hands-on treatment can target the pain at its source. 


Build Strength & Resilience

After decreasing the pain in your low back we will work with you using personalized exercises that are designed to increase the mobility and strength of your low back muscles.

Yoga Posture

Own Your Program & Unlock Longevity

After returning to your sport we create a personalized program for you so that you can continue to build longevity and future-proof your low back long after Physical Therapy has ended.


“I really appreciated his willingness to adjust the program to my needs...I was afraid I would have to give up all my sporting activities because of this injury. Thanks to Human Plus Physical Therapy and Dr. Tim, I no longer have that fear."

RJ Shanks / Cal Poly Pitcher

“I've had back problems from college sports for a while now (3+ years) and thought it was something that I was going to have to live with for the rest of my life. After 2-3 months working with Geoff there is little to no issue and I've gotten my full range of motion back."

Jonas Wang / Recreational Ultimate Frisbee

Physical Therapist

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