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Physical Therapy 
Backed By Research

Our cutting edge Physical Therapy blends evidence based science and real world experience that has helped NFL, MLB, Crossfit, and Weekend Warrior athletes. We provide hands-on manual therapy as well as movement based exercises aimed at reducing pain, increasing your movement options, and preventing future injuries.

Why Taking Care Of
Your Body Matters

Pain and discomfort may be common, but they are not normal! Just like you go to the dentist for routine check-ups, your body requires tune-ups as well. Regular, repeated maintenance of your body can decrease aches and pains, reduce injury risk, and unlock your peak performance.

The Human Plus Experience

Assessment's Built For You

Your first session begins with a full body movement screen designed to find the root cause of your discomfort or dysfunction affecting your body. The movement screen results in a personalized treatment plan specific to your body and your goals.

Hands On Manual Therapy 

Each session includes hands-on soft tissue massage and joint mobilization to increase muscle flexibility, improve joint mobility and decrease muscle tension which allows your body to move more freely.

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Build Strength For Life

Our doctors will show you how to build strength, flexibility, and durability that translates to your specific life and fitness goals. We’ll guide you in all aspects of your program to ensure that you reach your next level of performance.

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